Frederick Paul Naftel - Composer

Arranging and Classroom Resources


I can arrange many different types of music for any combination that is required. Simple arrangements for classroom instruments(from KS2 to KS3)

More complex arrangements for GCSE/AS/A Level students

Solo pieces to examination standard(any grade)

Arrangements for extra-curricular ensembles(e.g. Recorders,Guitars and Percussion/Saxophone Quartet/String Ensemble/SATB Choir/Concert Band/Brass Band/Orchestra,etc.)

"Backing Tracks" for solo singers and/or instrumentalists

Worksheets for use in lessons and also for "cover" purposes on a variety of topics (or to order).

All arrangements and original compositions produced to professional standard,using SIBELIUS software. Scores and parts printed to a high standard. Please go to my contact page if you would like to know more.