Frederick Paul Naftel - Composer

Works for Full Orchestra


Concerto No.1 for Orchestra(1977) -15'    [2(2nd dblg.picc/alto fl)-2-2-2-4-2-3-1-Timp-5 Perc-2 Hp-Cel-Strings]


Concerto No.2 for Orchestra(1978/1982) - 15'  [3(3rd dblg picc)-2+ca-2+bass cl-3(3rd dblg cbsn)-4-3-3-1-Timp-3 Perc-Hp-Pno-Strings]


Symphony No.1 for Tenor Solo and Orchestra(1978) - 23'  [2+picc/alto fl-2+ca/dblg ob d'amore-2+bass cl/ten sax-2+cbsn-4-4(4th dblg Fluegel)-3-1-Timp-5 Perc-Hp-Cel-Strings + Tenor Solo]


Symphony No.2(1995)  -  30'  [1+picc-2-2-2-4-2-3-1-Timp-1 Perc-Strings]


In Memoriam II(1997)  - 10'  [3-3+ca-3+bass cl-3+cbsn-4/8-4-4-2-Timp-4 Perc-Org-Strings]


Dithyramb(1985)  -  20'  [2+picc-2+ca-2-2-5-6-3-1-2 Timp-3 Perc-Cel-Strings]


Toccata Inquieto(1999)  - 14'  [2-2-2-2-2-2-2-0-Timp-3 Perc-Pno-2 Synth-Strings]


The Legend of Pandora:Ballet Suite(2017)  -25'  [2+picc-2+ca-2+bass cl/Eb cl-2+cbsn-4-3(2nd dblg Trpt in D)-3-1-Timp-5 Perc-Hp-Org/Cel-Strings]


Renaissance Dance Suite(2019/2020)  - 25'  [1+picc-2-2-2-2-2-0-0-Timp-2 Perc-Strings]



Concertante Works


Villancico for Guitar and Small Orchestra(2017) - 5'  [1+picc-1+ca-0-0-2-0-0-1 Perc-Strings + solo guitar


Cinematic Suite for Harp(or Guitar) and String Orchestra


Double Concerto for Bass Tuba, Contrabass Tuba and Orchestra("From the Mountains and Fjords") [2018]  -  25'   [2+picc(2nd dblg 2nd picc)-2-2-2-4-3-3-0-Timp-5 Perc-Pno/Org-Strings + solo tubas]


Bass Clarinet Concerto("In Memoriam") [2019]  -  23'   [0-0-0-0+cbsn-4-0-0-0-Hp-Strings + solo bass cl]

Works for String Orchestra


Aubade Pastorale(1985/2016)

Song of Songs:Rhapsody for Strings and Harp(1985/2015)

Folksong Suite for String Orchestra and Timpani (2021)


Chamber and Instrumental Works


Sonata for Double Bass and Harpsichord(1977)

Northern Lights for Percussion Ensemble(1989)

Pascal's Victim:Suite for Tuba Quartet(1999)

Song of Songs:Rhapsody (version for 2 pianos) [2000]

In Memoriam III for Trombone and Percussion

Dithyramb for Marimba and Piano

Suite for Percussion Ensemble

Prelude and Capriccio for Violin and Piano

Cinematic Suite for Harp(or Guitar)and String Quartet

Broken Consorts for Trumpet, Trombone, Violin and Viola

Dodecaphonium for Bass Tuba and Contrabass Tuba

Villancico(arranged for Flute, Violin and Piano)

Road to Nowhere:Rondo for Flute, Violin and Piano)

Soliloquy and Nocturne for Bass Clarinet and String Quartet(also for Bb clarinet)

New works from 2020

Scherzo for Bass Clarinet and String Quartet(also for Bb clarinet)

Spring Music for Theremin, Vibraphone and Double Bass

3 Impressions for Cor Anglais and Bass Clarinet[Tag-Sirens-Resolute Jest] - composed for The Hacha Duo

String Quartet No.1

String Quartet No.2

[both quartets are dedicated to The Langonet Quartet]

Vocal Works


Psalm 150 for Soprano Solo, SATB, 2 Pianos and Percussion

Dies Irae for 3 sopranos and 1 contralto with Tubular Bells

Three Sacred Songs for SSA and Percussion(also with organ accompaniment): Dona Nobis Pacem/Dies Irae/Adon Olam

Sanctus and Agnus Dei for SSA, Piano and String Orchestra(also with piano only accompaniment)

Works for School/College Ensembles


Suite Accademico for String Orchestra

Triptych for Flute, Clarinet, Viola and Piano (1992)

Pastoral and Toccata for 5 Flutes and 2 Guitars (1995)

Elation for Wind,Percussion and Double Basses (1995)

In Memoriam l for Flute,Cello and Piano (1997)

Anniversary Games for 3 Flutes/2 Piccolos,2 Clarinets,Viola and Piano/Temple Blocks (1999)

Juvenilia:10 Songs for the Millennium(1999)

Other Works


Hullabaloo! for Brass Band with Organ

Sculpted:Film Score

Festive Prelude for Brass and Percussion(1988)